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Proposed Guidelines for Instructors in Approved Programs


revised December 2010


Any organization applying to be an approved program must submit documentation of qualifications of instructors (trainers). The following requirements apply to all instructors/trainers in approved programs; new trainers are encouraged to work with a more experienced instructor, to co-teach, and/or visit classes of other instructors. There is no grandfathering provision for instructors in regard to these requirements except for B. 4.





1.      Approved programs must be able to show evidence that they meet guidelines.


2.      Approved programs must be able to explain and document how they prepare instructors (trainers) for their duties and/or how they qualify their instructors.





1.      Instructors must pass the written tests for any portions of the curriculum they teach with a score of at least 92% before they begin teaching.


2.      Instructors must demonstrate 100% mastery of all hands-on skills taught in any portions of the curriculum they teach.


3.      Instructors must meet any additional criteria required for providing program-specific instruction, such as requirements by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.


4.      Instructors must have substantive, hands-on direct care experience (paid or unpaid) of at least one year. Experience must be relevant to the curriculum that is be taught. Approved programs must be able to explain how they qualified their instructors. Note: Current instructors who meet all requirements but do not have one year of caregiving experience must obtain at least 40 hours of hands-on direct care experience within 3 months of receiving its approved training program notification.


5.      At least one year experience in teaching groups of adults (any field) or 3 months (100+ hours) preparation to become an instructor in direct care is required. Preparation can include coaching, mentoring, co-teaching, and coursework. Approved programs must be able to document how they prepare or qualify their instructors.


6.      Instructors must be able to provide documentation of any applicable licenses, certifications, or coursework.

7.      Instructors must teach two classes per year in order to keep qualifications current or repeat testing. 


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