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Training prepares you to give good care and feel confident that you can do a good job. If you would like to see what the training includes, select “Training Manuals” from the menu at left. You can read some of the material right here on your computer.

Training for Direct Care Workers (caregivers, attendant care workers, direct support professionals):

1. Employers - Most direct care workers get their training from the agency where they work.
2. Colleges also offer courses, from basic caregiving to nurse assisting and certificates in gerontology or developmental disabilities.

To get started, contact some agencies that hire direct care workers. If you have no experience, they will provide training. You 
can look for positions in the classified ads in the newspaper under “healthcare.” You can also search the Internet for “jobs in Arizona” with key words: home care, home health, caregiver, CNA, assisted living, or direct support professional.
List of DCW training programs  

Courses for caregivers working in assisted living facilities:

A list of training programs is available from the Arizona Department of Health Services, Division of Licensing Services, at 

Training for Nurse Aides / Nursing Assistants:
Many community college, care facilities and nursing homes offer training. You can find a complete list of approved programs on the website of the Arizona State Board of Nursing at

Specialized and more advanced training:

Certificates in Gerontology:
University of Arizona
, Graduate Program in Gerontology,
University of Phoenix ,

Certificate for Developmental Disabilities Specialist:
Glendale Community College, or call 623-845-3615

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