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Direct care workers provide care in many different places. They can work in someone’s home or in a residential facility. They can work in group homes where just a few people live or in larger buildings where many people gather for daily activities.

In addition to people’s private homes, here are some of the many other places in which direct care workers provide care:
> Private Home

> Adult Care Home

> Assisted Living Residence

> Group Home

> Day Care

> School Classrooms

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Private home. A person’s house or apartment. The person may live alone or with family members and needs assistance with some activities. Direct care workers and other health care professionals go for a few hours to provide services.

Adult Care Home. An assisted living residence that provides 24-hour scheduled and unscheduled personal care services to two or more residents.

Assisted living residence. Any group housing where two or more unrelated adults may live in private or shared apartments.  Some of the services include three meals a day plus a snack, housekeeping, medication reminders, activities and TV (cable and telephone optional).  

Group home. An single family home with two to six adult residents with developmental disabilities. Staff is present as needed to meet the needs of the consumers.

Day Care. A facility that offers day time activities for seniors or adults with developmental disabilities. Staff is present to provide supervision and promote interaction at all times.

Classroom. A typical classroom at a public or private school.



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